The best of Peggy Olson (Mad Men week)

Oh I have a lot of love for this woman. Ok, she might not have the fashionable, sex-appeal qualities that Joan Holloway seems to have on, just about everybody around the world but Peggy Olson (played by Elisabeth Moss) is underrated in that sense. When she first stepped into the Sterling Cooper office in season one she was recognised for her clothing choices, but not for the right reasons. She’s had quite the transformation since but I’ll save that for another blog post – the transformation of Peggy Olson, but for now here’s a handful of her best fashion moments.

This dress oozes vintage. The black and white checkered pattern has the office look that Peggy is so well-known for and there are so many different details that shouldn’t go unnoticed. The high empire waist, the scalloped detail underneath the bust, the open curved neck, the button detail down the front and the subtle buckle at the bottom – all these details create the perfect silhouette.

This dress is stunning, it reminds me of similar dresses that are in our high-street today. This classic red floral print with a contrast peter pan collar and black bow detail makes for a very feminine look and a long cry from the frumpy fitting clothes fans from the beginning would have seen her in. Although the bow gives off a slightly innocent look, Peggy is noticeably far more confident – maybe it’s the red … you can see the power in her facial expression.

How cute is this?! The cream shift dress with the scattered red poppy detail gives off a fun, young side to Peggy but remains very classic due to the mature cut of the dress. As a shift dress should do, it puts emphasis on the upper-half, highlighting her small waist and then finishing with the pleated skirt which gives off a voluminous shape.

Oh how she has grown, her style is more apparent and has become much more varied. The coral military style sleeveless jacket with short-sleeved, tie-neck blouse underneath and subtle cream pleats in the skirt make her stand out (especially in this photo amongst the suited men) and the structured nude coloured pillbox hat is the perfect finishing touch.

See her in action in the workplace.

What’s your favourite Peggy Olson fashion moment?


The best of Betty Draper (Mad Men week)

Continuing with the Mad Men themed week, here is a lady that owns one envious wardrobe, the very interesting, character Betty Draper (played by January Jones). From the outside she’s seen as the perfect housewife, showcasing an impression of a ‘happy family’ – yet viewers of the show know this not to be true – the facade is false and to me her character is absolutely fascinating while her costumes are to die for.

I need this outfit in my life. The ultra girly floral shift dress flatters Betty’s petite frame and the matching white lace gloves, ivory coloured bag, pearl necklace and white sunglasses give a retro vibe.

A spring-yellow collared dress and a floral cream cardigan with pearl-drop earrings and signature headband hides is a very typical outfit of Betty’s whilst she is doing chores around the house or entertaining neighbours – it’s very innocent.

This outfit is fantastic and elegant – the cream satin embroidered dress with a jewelled necklace, and is that pastel orange nail polish I see? (I’m wearing something very similar as we speak!) reminds me of old Hollywood glamour, and with Don in a tux it’s almost like a James bond scenario.

Betty Draper can really pull of pastel colours, they completely warm her skin tone despite being fair-skinned. This textured pastel blue, almost grey ensemble teamed with the fur collar is very sophisticated and the 3/4 length sleeves give a soft, lady-like feel – a true Betty Draper evening wear outfit.

What are your favourite Betty Draper outfits?

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