“You’re wearing a 44 Long when you should be wearing a 42 Regular” – Crazy, Stupid, Love.

With Crazy, Stupid, Love released on DVD last monday (30th January) I thought I would review the costume choices shown in the romantic-comedy-drama as lets face it… Ryan Gosling looks good in anything – especially a perfectly fitted suit. Forget the women, the men in the film outshine them completely when it comes to the fashion – usually a rarity.

I can’t explain the plot of the film without giving away a massive spoiler but to give you the general gist – Cal  (Steve Carrell) is, in his mind, in a happy, loving marriage – little does he know that his wife does not feel the same, and this in-turn affects his life in a big way – confidence-wise and fashion-wise. Becoming frustrated with Cal and his drunk-feeling-sorry-for-himself routine in a bar he picks up girls regularly, Jacob – a young, handsome, smooth-talking man (Gosling – who else?!) steps in to help – no sympathy involved, just pure, brutal honesty.

Giving a helping hand, Jacob plans to transform Cal’s love life by practically turning him into a double of himself – sharp suits, charming chat-up-lines and confidence.

This is the beginning of the film – just look at those trainers – New Balance 407s to be exact. It’s clear that he needed a little wardrobe help.

…and here’s the man to do it.

Pictured above, Jacob is wearing a Albert Hammond Jr. for Confederacy (the guitarist from garage-rock-band The Strokes) navy suit with a brown lapel accent – it’s super smart and made perfect to fit Gosling’s body. The rest of Jacob’s wardrobe is everything you would expect – Alexander McQueen, Marc Jacobs, Yves Saint Laurent and Givenchy.

It doesn’t go unnoticed when a guy makes an effort with his appearance –  everything in this photo screams expensive. The custom made Gossuin shirts fit Gosling so well, he looks so dapper and it’s obvious that the whole outfit has been made especially for his body – every inch of fabric is moulded to his physique.

Even when Jacob dresses down he remains classic and sophisticated – costume designer Dayna Pink wanted him to not own a pair of blue jeans like the rest of the world does – even when he’s just hanging out at home with on-screen girlfriend Hannah (Emma Stone) he’s wearing a buttoned down Henley and a pair of Gucci smart trousers.

Cal isn’t the only one who has a transformation costume-wise – Jacob – known for his expensive suits and smart style becomes a lot more comfortable with himself when he meets Hannah and this is shown through the choice of clothing at the beginning of the film and the end of the film – a casual buttoned-down polo shirt – something he wouldn’t have worn in public before he met her.

This is the first time we see the ‘new’ Cal – his face says it all. Although he looks stylish – he doesn’t understand the term ‘layering’ and responds to compliments from Jacob with “I feel like I’m going skiing.” Although he’s uncomfortable in the clothing, his fashion sense has improved a lot and we start to see a slightly more confident Cal due to the shop assistant agreeing that she would probably sleep with him.

Draped in Canali and Prada throughout his conversion from drab to dapper – we see Cal at the end of the film wearing a custom-made Zenga grey/silver suit with a crisp white shirt underneath – no tie, one suit button undone and his hands in his pockets – hurrah! He’s found himself. Comfortable, confident, and happy – everything he once was in his early-marriage had returned – it’s amazing what clothing can to do you as a person and how it can change you. Retail therapy all the way!

Watch Crazy, Stupid, Love on DVD now. 

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